How to write a FAQ for your site ?

Frequently asked questions, abbreviated as FAQs, are a strategy for boosting your website while making things easier for your customers. Knowing how to write them requires being well informed about the steps to follow. So what are the different steps to write a good FAQ? Discover the answers in this article.

Drawing inspiration from your competitors’ websites

Let’s remember that FAQs are a collection of targeted questions that allow customers to better understand your products and/or services. If the answers proposed to these questions are relevant, this contributes to the good referencing of your site by search engines.

In order to write questions that are relevant to your field of activity, you can consult competing websites. In other words, you can browse through several well-referenced websites and get inspiration from their FAQ templates.

However, it is important to know that you need to find the best wording for your questions so that your site will be more referenced than your competitors’.

Use the Google search engine

The other option for writing your questions is to use the Google software. All you have to do is search for the “prediction” function after entering a question about your company in the search bar. This search will allow you to access all the forms of questions that people often ask.

Go to the Quora site          

This site is designed to provide answers to all kinds of questions already asked online. So as soon as you access it, launch a search concerning your sector of activity. This will give you a list of all the questions that have been recorded and you can use this as inspiration for your own questions.

Frequently asked questions allow you to save time because you are no longer obliged to answer all your customers’ questions by e-mail. Writing your FAQ well should therefore be a priority for you!